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About the Start Your Business Programme

What is the Enactus South Africa Start Your Business Programme?

The Enactus South Africa Start Your Business Programme (E-SYB) is a programme that will ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Enactus Members to awaken their true potential.

What are its objectives?

The objectives of the programme is to help Enactus Members to exit their university education, as better prepared individuals with an understanding of entrepreneurship as a possible career choice. The program aims to help our Enactus students discover and sharpen and develop their entrepreneurial skills. It is aimed to provide a knowledge platform to uncover your potential and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship within you for the development of your entrepreneurial skills and to contribute towards competent, employable graduates. On completion, participants will receive certification for participation in the Enactus South Africa NPC Start Your Business Programme sponsored by Absa.

How does it work?

The programme is offered via e-learning. This enables participants to undergo the programme at their own convenience.

The programme consists of 10 modules spread over the year 2013 such that it does not interfere with exam periods or term breaks.

The programme consists of Videos, Reading Materials, Quizzes, On-line interaction and learning activities.

It is important to complete the previous modules before you gain access to the next one. The programme is not a substitute to the normal academic curriculum – it is a skills programme to provide you with new skills in parallel to your academic studies.

What are the fees for the programme?

The programme is free of charge for Enactus Members.

Non-Enactus members would also be considered for enrolment after 15th March subject to availability of capacity at a fee of ZAR1,000 (payable in one single payment upfront).

What are the requirements to join the programme?

Enactus South Africa Membership and thus registered as a student (full or part-time) at your campus. Those who are not active members of Enactus South Africa and have a keen interest to enrol, are encouraged to join the Enactus Team that will enable them to qualify for this programme and to improve their experiential learning experiences and build their resumé. These requirements need to be completed by 31st of July 2013.

Participants are required to sign the online agreement form abiding the terms and conditions of the programme. 

What is the selection procedure?

Interested participants will be required to adhere to specific conditions for enrolment, e.g. registed university student and active team membership of an Enactus South Africa University Team.

It will be required furthermore that participants complete a short quiz at the commencement of the programme. The results of the quiz grading will be the consideration for access to the course offering.

Finally, subject to the above, students will be considered on a first come first served basis.

What will be the course assessment process?

Assessment will be conducted before and after each of the 10 modules, and will be on-line and based on multiple-choice type evaluation. Telephonic assessments may be undertaken where necessary.

Benefits to join the Enactus South Africa Start Your Business Programme

If you want to become an entrepreneur, it is always good to start young. Most successful entrepreneurs started their ventures while being enrolled university students. (E.g. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg). This course will ignite and discover your potential and opportunities to develop and sharpening your entrepreneurial skills through business mentorship, guidance and proper planning in an easy step by step way.

You will learn about:

  • your potential as an entrepreneur;
  • innovative business ideas and how to turn it into opportunities; and
  • development of your business plan.

The programme can be done in conjunction with your normal university studies. In fact, the modules are scheduled in a way that will have minimum interference with your regular studies.

The program provides you opportunities to interact with fellow participants from other universities and like-minded individuals.

There may be competitions and awards from time to time, but the biggest bonus is that you get paid to complete your course. You will get an Absa Account on completion with an amount deposited into the account.

Participants who complete all modules successfully will receive a certificate of Participation from Enactus South Africa. While it does not have academic credits, it would serve as an indicator of your entrepreneurial skills. The programme would also be useful if you want to consider an entrepreneurial career.

How do I register?

Those who have applied earlier will be advised of their acceptance to the course.

Other Enactus members will be sent an invitation email requesting them to join the course.

The course is now open to all present and provisional members of Enactus and selected associates.

This is effective from 23th of June 2013.

How can I find out more information?

If you need any further information, please email:

Alternatively, please call our Support Centre on +27(0)31 201 7444.