Mon Aug 26 00:34:15 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to login and change my password?

To use the website you need to have login details, you receive the login details by e-mail after registration.
To login you need username - that is your emails address and password that is either automatically generated by the system or the one that you chose for yourself.

To recover your password:

Step 1: Click the link ‘I lost my password’ just below the login button.
Step 2: You will be requested to enter your email address that you used when you registered then a link for resetting your password will be sent.
Step 3: Open your email and click the link.
Step 4: Open your emails again you will find a new password.
Step 5: Login again by using you newly provided password.

Now, you will notice that the password generated by the system is complex, you may want to change it.
The following steps will help you to change your password.

Step 1: Login with your current username and password
Step 2: Click on the Social Network tab on the website, you will be directed to your profile.
Step 3:  Click the 'Edit Profile' button.
Step 4: On the form, fill in your current password and then your new password then click ‘Save Settings’ button.
Step 5: Logout and then login with your new password.                      
If the above steps fail contact the Administrator at a new password will be sent to you.

2. I am unable to type on the provided space what can I do?

Refresh your page by pressing F5.
To prevent such problem and other related problems it is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser applications.